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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Anam Cam Ranh Resort’s New Sustainable Farm Feeds Mouths and Minds

With 8500sqm of its 12 beachfront hectares dedicated to cultivating an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and eggs for meals for guests and staff, a luxury resort has launched a program for children to learn about sustainable farming.

The Anam Cam Ranh’s chefs incorporate fresh, organic ingredients from the resort’s farm - such as morning glory, malabar spinach, corn, mustard green, wild betel leaves, and chicken and duck eggs - in meals served to Lang Viet Restaurant & Bar’s diners as well as at the staff kitchen.

The budding farm’s variety of vegetables also include lettuce, cucumber, green onion, and cassava root. Custard apple, papaya, banana, mango, gac fruit and bitter melon are among the farm’s fruits. Herbs grown include basil, coriander, thyme, mint, imperata cylindrica, and plantago asiatica.

In addition to ducks and chickens, the farm is home to an abundance of geese, rabbits, goats, guinea fowls, turkeys and peacocks and their offspring.

The Anam Group general manager Laurent Myter urged young guests and their parents to visit the farm as part of a supervised program to learn more about sustainable farming and to interact with the friendly animals.

“Our team is genuinely keen to do its bit to educate youngsters about the need to tread lightly on the Earth, albeit in a fun and engaging way,” he said. “Kids get a taste of life on a sustainable farm, rummaging around our greenery and patting the animals such as the baby goats.”

Program participants learn tips about how to grow their own chemical-free herbs, veggies and fruits at home, and how to look after chickens and ducks and their eggs.

The Anam Cam Ranh has implemented a host of measures in a bid to lessen its carbon footprint. The resort’s water filtration plant supplies water for 240 recycled glass bottles per day, thus eliminating the use of an estimated 87600 single-use plastic water bottles annually.

The resort’s ban of single-use plastics has resulted in the implementation of rice flour straws, bamboo bags, and bamboo bathroom amenities.

The resort recycles laundry water to maintain its lush gardens, uses solar power and its team conducts regular beach clean-ups. The resort’s eco-friendly key cards that guests use to access their rooms, suites and villas are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.To contact The Anam Cam Ranh or to make a booking, please visit or email

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