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Friday, September 11, 2015

Treetops' Signature Experiences. There's Nothing Else Like Them in the World

(Rotorua, New Zealand) September 2015, Only Treetops Lodge & Estate offers five SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES that have no equal anywhere else in the world.
That's because only Treetops welcomes the world's most discerning guests into a privileged paradise of native wilderness and luxurious hospitality in the very heart of the famed geothermal and Maori heartland of New Zealand's North Island.
Effective immediately every guest at Treetops experiences complimentary*, one rotating daily Signature Experience - as a group activity. Of course all 5 of our Signature experiences can be experienced at any time with a private guide for our guests at a standard rate of NZ$175 plus GST per person.
TREETOPS' SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES are expertly planned to gratify the adventurous curiosity of travellers who want unique, life-enhancing experiences in surroundings of world-class luxury, service and outstanding cuisine. Each SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE offers unequalled personal interaction with the natural heritage, daily life and bounty of Treetops' 2,500-acre working estate and native wilderness, from an Estate to Plate Safari to ancient, health-giving Maori rituals or foraging for and cooking wild and estate-raised ingredients. Plus the 5-Star Kids Program.
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE I: Estate to Plate Safari. Join game keepers and wild-food chefs to tour and taste in our organic kitchen garden and orchard, visit our Manuka honey aviaries and then drive to see the estate's deer, elk, water buffalo, wild pigs, game birds and trout streams; add an afternoon at The Wild Cooking School for ultimate immersive pleasure.
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE II: Healing in the Wilderness*. An inspiring choice of day and residential wellness programmes offers traditional Maori massage and spiritual healing for men and women at RITUALS, a serene spa in Treetops' pristine wilderness environment.
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE III: Maori Indigenous Food Trail. Walk in the wilderness with a resident expert to encounter the traditions behind naturally occurring Maori herbs and ingredients and their many culinary, medicinal and nutritional values; tastings further enhance this privileged insight into the culture of New Zealand's First Settlers.
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE IV: Wild Food Cooking School. A half day begins with foraging for native ingredients and then you cook to make gourmet garnishes for Treetops' bounty of estate trout, game birds, venison and wild pork. A full day begins with a 4-WD safari, continues with foraging and then to cooking in our open-plan kitchen. Superb.
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE V: 5-Star Kids Program. Treetops Lodge & Estate is one of the world's most awarded Eco and Responsible Tourism destinations and has regularly been voted New Zealand's Leading Luxury Resort. This plus their unique Signature Experiences is why Treetops Lodge & Estate has been invited into prestigious membership of such leading hotel groups as Virtuoso, Signature, American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts and NAVIGATE+
SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES at Treetops Lodge and Estate – there's nothing else like them in the world. 
Contact Karine Thomas for more information and download high resolution graphics from
Visit Treetops website at or Treetops Lodge & Estate on ++64 (07) 333 2066.
*Healing in the Wilderness is not offered in the complimentary daily offering.
More about Treetops Lodge & Estate:
Nestled in 2,500acres of 800-year old native forest, Treetops Lodge & Estate is a uniquely New Zealand experience. This wildlife sanctuary and retreat is nestled within breath taking terrain, offering outdoor activities centred around seven streams, four lakes, and over 43 miles of adventure trails.
Located 20 minutes from the Maori heartland Rotorua, experience exclusively at Treetops the Maori Food Trail, Wild Food Cooking Class, and new Spa that combines traditional therapies with unique indigenous and therapeutic Maori treatments.
Treetops provide adventure for the whole family: junior cooking classes, photography 4WD safaris, helicopter tours, Maori poi making and flax weaving, as well as mountain biking, hiking to spectacular waterfalls and active volcanoes and exclusive use at the nearby Kinloch Golf Course.

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