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Monday, February 14, 2011

Brisbane River Cruises are Back to Business

Now that the Brisbane River is open for limited use to commercial vessels, Brisbane's river cruises are getting back to business.

Mirimar Cruises, Kookaburra River Queens, River City Cruises and Brisbane Star Cruises have all reopened after a month of being closed following the floods.

All of Brisbane's river cruises are using temporary pick up and drop off locations at either North Quay, Brett's Wharf or Manly.

The message is clear- the best way to support the tourism industry in Brisbane is to support these businesses.

Mirimar Cruises
Operating daily from temporary location at North Quay
Rob Treasure
Ph: 0412 749 426 or 0419 726 688

River City Cruises
Operating daily - departing North Quay 10.30am and 12.30pm
Carolyn Timms
m: 0428 278 473

Kookaburra River Queens
Both paddleboats departing from Brett's Wharf for day and evening cruises.
Jim Kelly
m: 0407 500 843

Brisbane Cruises
Departing from Manly for the next week - 10 days and then returning to Brett's Wharf
Jim Kelly
m: 0407 500 843

Brisbane Star Cruises
Darren Wensor
m: 0433 418 569

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