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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jamberoo Cuts Queue times by half using Apple technology

Jamberoo Action Park has taken note of the vast technological benefits the latest Apple Ipad's have brought about, and on the same note ingeniously implemented them at Jamberoo to improve its queuing times by HALF!

Touted as the first in the Australian amusement industry, Jamberoo Action Park has implemented a 21st technology to overcome and speed up the dreaded "queuing" by guests to buy tickets upon arrival at the Park.

Using Apple iPad's, Jamberoo Action Park staff now walk amongst guests lining up to purchase tickets; working out what tickets a family or large group require before providing them with a "pre-order" ticket voucher. When the family or group get to the admissions gate they simply hand over the pre-order voucher, pay the amount advised, receive their tickets then enter the Park.

Early results of the trial have been extremely positive with a reduction achieved in queue times of 50% due to the faster pre-order ticket process.

Dax Eddy, General Manager of Jamberoo Action Park says "the trial of this new technology will assist shortening guest queuing times dramatically". On busy days during the Summer School Holidays, the guest queue line can become quite long, with a wait of 30 to 40 minutes expected."

"With the new iPads, up to four staff can interact with guests before they get to the admissions gates, asking guests how many Adults and Children are in the party and what method of payment is to be made", say Mr Eddy.

Our 'In Park' guest surveys show that 38% of respondents indicate that their guest experience would be improved if there was faster processing at our entry gates. This new pre-order ticket process has gone a long way to rectify this.

Mr Eddy says that "guests have really taken well to Jamberoo Action Park staff carrying the iPads, it focuses them on the admissions process long before they get to the actual admissions gate. This means that all the decisions have been made, and all they have left is to make the payment then head straight into the Park".

"Unique software was written that connects the iPad's over Wi-Fi to our Jamberoo servers", says Mr Eddy."

The trial of the iPad's will continue throughout the current 2011 Season.

Mr Eddy reminds all guests coming to Jamberoo Action Park that the quickest and easiest entry is by using 'e-tickets' pre-purchased online. Priority entry through a dedicated gate will see guests on the rides long before those lining up at the gates to purchase tickets at the Park. Visit

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