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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Australians will beat the budget to keep travelling

With the Abbott 2014 Federal budget poised to put pressure on household budgets, leading travel and lifestyle website has released insights from travellers about what they’d be willing to sacrifice in order to keep travelling.

So, despite ‘budget blues’, what would Australians sacrifice spending-wise if it meant travelling more this year?

65%     clothes shopping
62%     eating out
57%     magazines
56%     buying the latest tech gadgets
53%     alcohol / buying drinks out
49%     beauty regime
38%     buying a car
36%     gym membership
31%     smoking / buying cigarettes

56%     buying the latest tech gadgets
55%     clothes shopping
54%     eating out
47%     alcohol / buying drinks out
46%     magazines
38%     buying a car
37%     smoking / buying cigarettes
36%     gym membership spokesperson, Louise Ryan said: “Aussies love to travel, and even when their household budget is squeezed, holidays remain high on the must do list. In order to travel more this year, the top sacrifices men and women are willing to make include saying no to shopping and eating out. The urge to travel is so strong that many people also claim they’d change their partying ways by giving up smoking and drinking in order to explore the world. Of course, we have plenty of bargain travel deals, available right up until the last minute, to help them escape the budget blues.”’s 2014 Travel and Lifestyle Report surveyed 5,700 Australians.

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