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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Myanmar Travel Resources

Ox carts still used as daily transport in Burma (R Eime)
Travel Indochina Launches Burma Resource for Travellers and Agents

In collaboration with leading destination experts and resident journalists, Australia’s Asia travel specialist Travel Indochina has launched a microsite dedicated to Burma;

Featuring evocative images and information about key cities, the site goes well beyond normal travel resources, providing insights into the enduring complexities of the country with a selection of editorial pieces from well-known journalists and leading travel bloggers, including Burma resident and sub editor of the country’s first English language daily Myanmar Freedom Daily, Jessica Muddit.

Travel Indochina Managing Director Paul Hole said clients have been awestruck by their experiences in Burma.

“The Economist claimed Myanmar’s transformation was the most significant event to have taken place in South East Asia in the past decade,” explained Paul.

“We would agree, and this is one of the reasons we believe it is very important to approach travel in Burma with a philosophy of promoting sustainability and engaging with private operators at a grass roots level. Preservation of the country’s cultural heritage is essential during this period of rapid development that’s seen visitor numbers reach more than 1 million in the past year.”

“This is one of the compelling reasons that inspired us to create the Burma microsite. We see it as a resource for potential travellers and agents to understand the complexity, diversity and beauty inherent in what was until just recently one of the world’s most isolated nations, and we’d encourage travellers to read these independent stories to really gain some insights into the country.”The site also provides information about tour options to Burma and an article providing language lessons for those looking to engage at a deeper level with the locals.

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