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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Victoria 'The Place to Be' for Conservation Holiday Seekers

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Victoria is endowed with natural assets, offering an exciting diversity of landscapes – from beautiful coastal scenery and mesmerizing deserts, to undulating green hills and the alluring charm of the high country. It is no surprise that the state is quickly becoming a hub for nature-based and eco travel in Australia.

Naturewise Eco Escapes take nature-based experiences a step further, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience some of Victoria's special places, while making a personal contribution to the conservation of local natural assets.

Naturewise Eco Escapes provide meaningful, small group holidays offering a special way for travellers to connect with nature. Developed in partnership between Conservation Volunteers Australia and Parks Victoria, they showcase the beauty of the state's natural areas whilst also contributing to its conservation outcomes and regional tourism growth.

Alysia Brandenburg, Tourism Manager at Parks Victoria highlighted the value of the ongoing partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia and the new Naturewise Eco Escapes. “We are thrilled to have a successful partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia were together we can produce so many exciting new tourism products giving people the opportunity to experience nature whilst working alongside our Rangers to support important research and make a valuable contribution to biodiversity conservation and Park management”.

“These new products will assist Parks Victoria achieve management objectives and help conserve some of our most important natural assets”.

The all-inclusive packages range from day trips to four-day adventures, with various levels of conservation activity, catering to different types of travellers. Participants work alongside Parks Victoria Rangers and specialist researchers to support research activities including remote camera monitoring work, bird research, wildlife trapping and spotlight surveys.

The new Naturewise Eco Escapes include a one-day trip to Woodlands where participants can help save the Eastern Barred Bandicoot from extinction, or a two-day 'Kinglake Conservation' trip which provides a great opportunity for participants to work on fauna recovery efforts in Kinglake National Park following the devastating bushfires in 2009.

There are also exciting four-day experiences in the Grampians, the Glenelg region, and Little Desert National Park, offering amazing walks amongst spectacular scenery, rich cultural assets, and hands-on conservation work.

“Our tours provide the opportunity for travellers to personally experience and contribute to the protection of our beautiful wildlife and natural areas”, says Jo Issaverdis, National Manager – Ecotourism Division at Conservation Volunteers Australia.

The tours are a definite “feel good” experience. No experience is necessary - just an interest in nature and a willingness to get involved.

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