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Monday, October 21, 2013

MTA good sport saves the day

Fully underpinning the 'more than expected' theme of the MTA national conference taking place in Canberra last week, MTA IT support manager Nick Donovan has gone 'more than the extra mile' for colleague' Cathy Lenehan who needed some after hours assistance to help a client.


Nick intercepted an urgent call from Cathy to IT department colleague Mike Graham who was out playing sport.


Rather than keep Cathy - and by extension her client – waiting, quick as a flash, Nick jumped into his car and drove several kilometres to the playing fields where he knew he'd find Mike playing his weekly mixed netball fixture and via him, the very quick solution to Cathy's problem.


Applauding Nick for this quick action, MTA CEO, Don Beattie said this was typical of the MTA ethos and a great demonstration of the effort MTA members in general were prepared to go to on behalf of their clients.


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