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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids first: Frankfurt Airport lends strollers free of charge

Traveling with small children can be exhausting. Especially when they get tired themselves. Often, the 
only solution is to pick them up and carry them.

In those moments, you yearn for something to wheel them around in. No problem at Frankfurt Airport! Parents can borrow a stroller free of charge, making it much easier and more pleasant to get around the airport.

The system is simple: in Terminal 1, strollers are available at the service point in the pre-security part of Concourse B and at information counter 10 in the B transit zone. In Terminal 2, you can pick one up at the service point between Concourses D and E in the pre-security area. When you’re finished, you take the stroller back to where you got it. Or, if you’re departing or changing planes, you can simply leave it at the gate. Airport staff will collect it there.

The strollers free of charge are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched to introduce a host of improvements that would make it even easier and more pleasant to depart from and transfer at Germany’s largest aviation airport. Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 passengers in 2012. To find out more about Frankfurt Airport go to

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