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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nomads Secrets luxury tours uncovers the ‘real world’

Ranakpur Chauffeur at Maharani Bagh Orchard
Ranakpur Chauffeur at Maharani Bagh Orchard (Tony Sernack)

Two of the world’s most respected photographers from the National Geographic Magazine and the New York Times will host exclusive photographic masterclasses in October to launch Australia’s new luxury tour company, Nomads Secrets.

The first safaris to India, and China and Tibet, starts a dynamic tour season that will capture the authentic spirit of some of the world’s most captivating cultures with enchanting and customised journeys for travel connoisseurs.

Each bespoke tour offered by Nomads Secrets takes a maximum of 12 people and incorporates some of the finest hotels and eco resorts in the world and are guided by specialists in culture, photography, food, wildlife, festivals, and history.

On 14 October, join National Geographic Magazine photographer, Robert W. Madden, on an exclusive photographic safari masterclass taking in the exotically charming Tibetan Kham, birthplace of both the seventh and tenth Dalai Lamas.

The ‘Festivals of Rajasthan’ India photographic masterclass departs on 20 October. New York Times and The International Herald Tribune photographer, Tony Sernack, will share his expertise throughout the tour taking in the ancient Bateshwar Fair vibrant Pushkar Fair.

Roam the halls of the Forbidden City, see the Sichuan Giant Panda in its natural habitat, explore the architectural riches built by India’s Mughal Emperors, visit the temple caves of Mumbai, spend time in the company of Tibetan nomads or watch the sun setting over the Himalayas.

Company Director, Lucia O’Connell, said each itinerary has been designed based on the highlights of her own lifelong travel experiences and feature her considerable international connections.

“Our personalised and intimate journeys are crafted specifically for couples, families and friends who wish to travel together into the heart of the destinations from our portfolio to give adventurers total immersion,” Lucia said.

“Our small and talented team combines many years of travel experience with a heartfelt passion for the genuine ‘art of travel’.”

“Depending on the personal passions of our clients, each journey can be woven with endless experiences – from tours of world-famous landmarks, World Heritage sites and natural wonders to rarely visited destinations completely off the beaten track.”


Take a Photographic Safari Masterclass in Tibet (14 – 28 October 2014)- $7,402 pp.
Be inspired on an hourly basis as renowned photographer Robert W. Madden – known to everyone as Bob – leads a Photographic Safari Masterclass through the exotically charming Tibetan Kham, birthplace of both the seventh and tenth Dalai Lamas.

During this exhilarating journey, 12 adventurous amateur photographers will come face-to-face with ethnic minorities, awe-inspiring landscapes and age-old customs. Highlights include an exploration of Shangri-La’s ancient monasteries and, getting up close to Giant Pandas and seeing hundreds of Tibetans congregate on Sichuan’s highlands for the magical Nomads’ Festival, an annual celebration of life and death.

Having worked as a staff photographer and design director for National Geographic Magazine for over 15 years, Bob has a long and impressive list of awards and credits to his name. He has photographed on all seven continents and has spoken at countless seminars and events around the world.

Delve deep into the soul of Rajasthan photographic masterclass (20 October – 05 November 2014) $14,869 pp.

Designed to get to the cultural heart of India, this journey is based around two world-renowned events – the ancient Bateshwar Fair, a religious event centred around a complex of temples set on the River Yamuna; and unique camel and livestock fair that takes place in one of the country’s holiest towns.

Over the course of 17 days you will be joined by York Times and The International Herald Tribune photographer, Tony Sernack, for this photographic masterclass following some of India’s most spectacular offerings in Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Mumbai. See skilled artisans at work, explore old bazaars and glorious palaces, dine in an historic fort and see the world’s greatest ode to love – the magnificent Taj Mahal.

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