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Sunday, June 2, 2013

MTA thrilled with last minute rush on pre-price hike Virgin Galactic tickets

Mobile Travel Agents' managing director, Roy Merricks (pictured) has advised the company received a last minute flurry in Virgin Galactic space travel ticket sales from customers looking to beat an 01 June $50,000 price hike.


Mr Merricks said the company was thrilled to have received three new bookings from passengers looking to buy their tickets at the pre-01 June rate of $200,000 before the tickets rose to $250,000 last Saturday.


When asked if he had anticipated a last minute rush before the new pricing took effect, Mr Merricks said he thought it, initially, unlikely.


"It just goes to show you never know and obviously, we are extremely pleased with this development," he said.


MTA is one of a handful of travel agents personally selected by Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson to sell the space flights.


The 01 June ticket increase followed a recent decision by Virgin Galactic to put the price up until the first 1000 passengers had travelled into space.


Mr Merricks said while an official start date for passenger flights has yet to be announced, the start of commercial flights into space have come ever closer following the recent successful first rocket-powered flight of the Virgin Galactic flagship SpaceShip Two (SS2).


"This event has brought us one big step closer to the day we'll actually be handing out SS2 tickets to clients who are already deposited for the space flights," Mr Merricks said.


Close on 600 people around the world have now placed deposits on the flights.




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