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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Window To Another World In The Rocks

The cobblestoned laneways of The Rocks, where quirky artists and free-thinkers have flourished, will host a series of unique, intimate events created by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) as part of The Rocks Village Bizarre, to be held on Friday nights, from November 7 to December 19 from 6.30pm-10pm.
The Rocks Village Bizarre will feature cabaret, comedy and theatre performances, as well as art installations, unusual “pop up” events and enchanting moonlight markets. The Rocks Square will also be transformed into a decadent haven where you’ll be transported back in time to a lively entertainment scene.

“Sure to surprise and delight, the team at SHFA has come up with a host of creative ideas for this year’s Village Bizarre. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the warmer weather at the end of each working week as we get closer to the festive season,” said Catherine Gallagher, CEO of SHFA.

Over seven Friday nights in November and December let your curiosity take over, and sneak a peek at the mysterious oddities and bizarre delights behind the windows and in the laneways of The Rocks including:

Rocks Village Bizarre Markets
  • Peter Baecker, performance artist, dancer and DJ, specialising in happenings which reflect the 1980’s. He will be Artist in Residence for the duration of The Rocks Village Bizarre, transforming his empty space into a site specific interactive inhabitation installation. Peter will also perform ‘sleep installations’ and host a weekly Friday‘Happening’ at The Rocks Village Bizarre.
  • Love TV in The Rocks where Aphrodite will interview local legends, entertainers, celebrities and even members of the audience all about love.
  • Etsy, a special curation by the internationally renowned online artesian marketplace at The Rocks Markets.
Peek inside the windows of George Street and you might spot Kali Madonna at the Urban Altar or find yourself outside a gothic haunted house where The Footstool Phantom and his companion Poochy, the kookiest duo you have ever seen share bizarre, grotesque tales.


Keep an eye out for a familiar pair of white bunnies. Two of the giant inflatable rabbits from Amanda Parer’s Intrudeseries will be playing ‘hide and seek’ around The Rocks. An audience favourite at this year’s Vivid Festival, the bunnies won’t be staying in the one hiding place for long. Bring the whole family along and see who can find the bunnies first!

What better way to spoil yourself at the end of a long work week than with a session in the salon?  Alongside Barber Supreme and MOHS Hair and Beauty, renowned make-up artist Glitta Supernova will be hosting a pop-up beauty salon, Parlour Bizarre. She’ll be there each Friday, with curling wand and powder puff, a full palette of every colour your heart desires, and sparkles galore to make you look out-of-this-world fabulous.

For the adults, Friday nights at The Rocks Square will be a decadent haven where the quirky run wild, with new themes and highlights each week. You may find yourself transported back in time to a lively bar hidden behind a rusty, corrugated iron fence.

With new surprises each week, eye-catching crafty wares for sale, tantalising treats to try, and everything from extreme makeovers to K-pop flash mobs will feature at The Rocks Village Bizarre. The artists will change each week, which means there will be new reasons to come back again and again.

WHAT:                          The Rocks Village Bizarre
Mystery, Magic, Music and Markets
WHERE:                       The Rocks
WHEN:                         Friday nights from 7 November through until 19 December
6:30pm – 10pm
PRICE:                         Free

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