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Friday, September 26, 2014

Aussies spill the beans on the white lies which get them a flight upgrade

According to recent travel and lifestyle data by many Australian’s are willing to test the boundaries when it comes securing a flight upgrade, with 16% of people admitting to have spun a white lie in order to score an upgrade into business or first class.

From the slightly cheeky to slightly disturbing excuses, Aussie’s have claimed everything from weddings  to severe health issues in order to gain access to the front of the plane. Of those who have made up a lie to receive an upgrade, almost half (44%) said their excuse worked.
Some of the false tales (which worked) include:
  • Claiming to be newlyweds on honeymoon
  • Being afraid of flying
  • Claiming to be attending a funeral
  • Claiming to be a bride enroute to her own wedding
  • Claiming to have cancer
  • Pretending to be pregnant with morning sickness
  • Faking a severe leg injury
According to spokesperson Louise Ryan, the survey of 5700 people identified that many were willing to do whatever it takes to secure an upgrade to the pointy end of the plane.
“Some Aussies are happy to go to all lengths in order to get an upgrade, however there are definitely more legit methods to securing a better seat, such as becoming a frequent flyer with a certain airline, getting to the airport early, or travelling off peak times.

“Alternatively, treat yourself and buy a one off business class ticket, that way you are guaranteed to secure your comfy seat, gourmet meal and celebratory glass of champagne ” said Louise Ryan.
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