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Monday, September 15, 2014

#Qantas birthday promotion #scam

*updated *

A bogus Qantas birthday promotion scam is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Viewers are presented with this authentic-looking promotional banner and asked to like and share to win a prize. The viewer is then taken to a page to fill out a series of intrusive questionnaires and surveys about everything from credit cards and charities to insurance and financial services.

Beware, this voucher is a fraud
Many users found this message on Facebook which directed them to a fake Qantas page set up under the 'Cause' category. It appears this page has since been removed, however the '' URL is still active at time of writing. This page is where the 'black hat' coding begins.

The fake inducement many Facebook users would have seen and clicked on

The fake Qantas page set up under 'Causes'
This page employs a crafty 'page-jacking' code that appears to deliver the user to the genuine Qantas page, which is then 'hijacked' with a coded pop-up that diverts the users to a new (possibly legitimate) page.

a clever capture code embedded in the target page, diverts the web user away from the
genuine looking site to the scam prize page. Keep reading.
Viewers are taken to a site (www . aussiehomeware . com ) and offered a chance to win a shopping voucher. While the target page (below) may be legitimate and legal on its own, there is clearly a breach of Trade Practices (or more) by using a trademarked logo to entice web users to visit the page. Whether this is an action by Planet 49 Australia P/L or a rogue affiliate is not clear at this stage.
website offering prizes. Operated by Planet49 Australia Pty Ltd*
 Traveloscopy contacted Qantas's social media team directly who quickly confirmed this was a scam.

verified as a scam by Qantas
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* The Promoter is Planet 49 Australia Pty Ltd (Planet49) of Level 18, 201 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. ABN 90 143 868 320. Planet49 Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Planet49 Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in Singapore whose main business activity is to collect data for purposes of promoting and marketing of products or services offered by sponsors and clients. Planet49 Asia Pacific Pte Ltd registered address is 1 Maritime Square #11-19, Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253, Telephone +65 62718790 

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