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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Insightful night as MTA earns National Elite Agency Status

Pictured, MTA co-managing director, Karen Merricks receiving a National Elite Agency Award from Insight Vacations managing director, Joost Timmer at the tour operators High Achievers Awards dinner in Brisbane.

This is the second year running MTA has received the accolade and positions MTA as a member of a very special club with just six agency groups having been awarded National Elite Agency status by Insight Vacations.

It was a big night for MTA with the company also picking up a second award to mark its achievement in becoming one of Insight Vacation's top three best product sellers.

Adding further icing to the cake, MTA Members Lisa Murphy and Marian Stanley also scored Insight Vacations 2015 tours for two as part of the wholesaler's latest national product launches in Adelaide and Melbourne, respectively.



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