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Friday, September 12, 2014

Tigerair Introduces New Carry-on Baggage Measures

  • Stricter enforcement comes into effect on 18 September following eight months of penalty free education
  • Carry-on baggage guidelines ensure efficiency, safety, great value fares and allows room for everyone's carry-on baggage.

Tigerair Australia has today announced stricter carry-on baggage measures which will come into effect on Thursday 18 September following eight months of departure gate monitoring and education with penalty-free warnings for passengers who exceed carry-on baggage restrictions.


The new measures will further enforce Tigerair's carry-on baggage policy, which allows passengers to carry a maximum of two bags free of charge provided they do not exceed 54cm X 38cm X 23cm or a total combined weight of 10kg per person.

“We have been working with our passengers since the start of the year with an extra team member positioned at the departure gate to monitor carry-on baggage and provide penalty free educational warnings,” said Adam Rowe, Commercial Director at Tigerair Australia.

“The majority of people understand and support these requirements as there is only a finite amount of overhead locker space available and fellow passenger safety and comfort are key considerations, as is the considerable impact on the airline's on time performance when bags need to be transferred to the hold. From now on we are simply asking all passengers to play by the rules as there will be increased monitoring and the risk of a penalty charge for those that ignore them.”

The airline will, over the coming week, send a direct communication to passengers booked for future travel to remind them of this policy and the likelihood of penalty charges for exceeding the carry-on baggage allowance. As a gesture of goodwill, Tigerair will discount by up to 40% of the standard overweight baggage penalty for the first three months of the stricter carry-on baggage enforcement period. This is to further assist in educating passengers of Tigerair's carry-on baggage limits.

“Tigerair is being as clear and transparent as possible on this matter by ensuring that baggage allowance stays front of mind for all passengers that book with Tigerair ahead of the busy summer travel period,” said Mr. Rowe. “We urge passengers to make sure they book the right amount of baggage in advance of their journey at the time of booking, or after booking via manage my booking on our webpage, to avoid any extra fees at check in.”

Tigerair's carry-on baggage policy is made clear throughout the booking process, through airport signage and flight itineraries so that passengers can prepare themselves ahead of travel and save by only paying for what they need. The airline has also recently invested in further website enhancements that allows passengers to add bags or buy excess baggage weight after booking their flight (up to four hours before travelling) to take advantage of the lowest bag charge.

“We will always be fair and transparent with our passengers, but these policies are necessarily in place to allow Tigerair to be more efficient and in a position to provide consistently great value fares. For these reasons our strict carry-on luggage guidelines will not be compromised,” said Mr. Rowe.

Following the introduction of more rigorous weigh-in checks, any carry-on baggage exceeding 10 kg or the size guidelines will have to be carried in the hold of the aircraft and forms part of the total checked baggage allowance that is charged accordingly. The fees listed below will be charged for excess luggage after a three month transition period from Thursday 18 September. During the three month transition period commencing next week, up to 40% of the applicable fees listed below will apply.

Tigerair Baggage Fees & Charges – note: the fees listed below are discounted by up to 40% for three months during the educational transition period.

Airport - Less than 1 hour and 45 minutes flight time - 1 hour and 45 minutes or more flight time

15kg - $70 - $85
Excess baggage per kg - $20 - $25
Sports equipment - $60 - $80

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