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Monday, June 3, 2013

PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ Adds Some Gangnam Style To South Korea’s New Tourism Campaign

The South Korean performer PSY is set to add some Gangnam Style to an upcoming advertising campaign titled PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ about to be launched in Australia from 1st June, 2013. 

PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ will introduce millions of potential travelers worldwide to discover the unique aspects that only Korea has to offer its visitors.  PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ will introduce six different experiences to be enjoyed by foreigners to the country through a series of video clips and online campaigns.

In Australia the PSY advertisements will appear on Discovery Channel from July through November and online on Youtube, Google and Facebook.  An online campaign on will offer great deals for Australian travelers to Korea.

The subjects covered in PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ are Dongdaemun, Korea’s popular day/night shopping area where you can experience shopping until 5.30amin the morning.

On Friday nights Koreans celebrate the end of the working week Bulgeum by hanging out in the clubs and bars of PSY’s wealthy home suburb of Gangnam or with Hongik University students in Hongdae.

Food is such a big part of experiencing Korea and visitors can enjoy Banchan, the enormous array of side dishes provided with nearly all meals in Korea.  Whether you enjoy a Korean Samgyeopsal (BBQ pork belly)  or a simple meal in a Korean restaurant you will always be served side dishes of kimchi, vegetables and other tasty morsels to enjoy with your meal.

The array of cosmetics to be found in Korea is huge and inexpensive. Cosmeroad is heaven for cosmetics lovers. The street is located in the popular tourist district of Myeong-dong, an area  full of cosmetics, fashion, food and open late at night.  It’s also a great place to experience Korea’s street food.

Nature and hiking is very popular in Korea and Koreans love the great outdoors.  The famous walking track on the semi-tropical island of Jeju off the southern coast of Korea known as Olle-Gil is famed for its natural beauty and great ocean views.

More and more travelers are discovering Korea.  In March 2013 more than one million international tourists arrived in Korea.  The overall number of international tourists to Korea exceeded 11 million in 2012.   Korea has maintained its longstanding reputation as a safe destination as international tourists seem undaunted despite the foreign media’s fixed gaze on North Korea in recent times.

View PSY’s Wiki Korea here:    PSY's Wiki Korea
Australians planning to visit Korea can find more on PSY’s Wiki Korea campaign for Korea Tourism on the local Sydney office from 1 June.
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