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Friday, February 28, 2014

Emerging resort island Ko Lipe receives medical assistance

The Southern Andaman Medical Clinic and Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital recently joined forces to provide emergency transportation and medical escort services for any tourists or patients who need to be transported from the island to the mainland hospital for professional medical treatment.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said, “This collaboration and the availability of professional medical treatments and medical escort services will increase the confidence of tourists when travelling in this increasingly popular area around Ko Lipe and other islands in the Andaman coastal areas. When they know they can rely on high-standards of medical care should an emergency arise, tourists are more likely to come here and explore the lovely region.”
“This new service will not only help to ensure that visitors to this area can travel safely, but will also help to enhance the international image of Thailand as having first-class healthcare for tourists from around the world. This is also a positive development for the kingdom’s southern islands which are popular tourist destinations for domestic and foreign travellers alike.”
Because of this collaboration between the two medical institutions, the resident physician at the Southern Andaman Medical Clinic will be able to provide a diagnosis of symptoms in emergency cases and ensure that the primary correct treatment is given to patients.
In more complex emergency situations, the physician will consult with the specialists at the Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital via a video link to get initial advice. The results of the primary medical check-up by the Southern Andaman Medical Clinic can then be sent online directly to a referral centre, so that the mainland specialist has all the information on hand.
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Medical escort services by speedboat from Ko Lipe to the mainland
If the patient needs to be transported to the mainland hospital, this can be arranged by the medical centre working hand-in-hand with the Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital Referral Centre.
The transportation from Ko Lipe will be done by speed boat. While being transported, patients will be escorted by a medical team with life-saving support expertise and apparatus. The medical staff of Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital will be on standby at Pakbara Pier to take over and deliver patients quickly and safely to the mainland hospital.
Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in southern Thailand and offers fully-integrated medical services which meet and exceed all international standards. The hospital’s Referral Centre has often facilitated medical care for patients who require treatment when visiting islands in the Andaman Sea. Now travellers from Ko Lipe, one of the emerging island destinations for international travellers visiting Satun province can benefit from the hospital’s expertise and facilities too.
The Southern Andaman Medical Clinic is privately-owned and is the only medical centre on Ko Lipe with a fully-qualified physician and 24-hour medical services. Run by Dr. Pitaya Laorakpong MD and MPH, the medical centre boasts advanced communication technology to provide medical treatment for patients.
Also on Ko Lipe, is one state-run health station and three privately-owned pharmacies. A new privately-owned medical clinic is currently under construction.
The Southern Andaman Medical Clinic is open from 08:00-20:00 hrs. In case of emergency, call +66 (0) 87 9006889.
To see a video about the clinic and its medical escort services, click here.

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