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Friday, February 14, 2014

MSC Cruises new #Medwayoflife video series

MSC Fantasia

A new MSC Cruises’ video series based on the company’s dedication to the “Mediterranean Way of Life” has made its debut on MSC Cruises' digital universe.

From the company’s YouTube channel to the websites and Facebook pages, from the Twitter accounts, to the Instagram page, Google+ or Pinterest boards, the video highlights MSC Cruises’ belief that life shouldn’t be measured by the minutes we experience, but by the moments we enjoy .

The series, also on show on board the MSC fleet, was inspired by MSC’s unique Mediterranean spirit and roots, the campaign taking the form of six one-minute videos each depicting a distinctive value of the MSC Cruise experience.

The #MEDWAYOFLIFE campaign aims at reminding and encouraging viewers to celebrate the memory-making and timeless experience that awaits MSC travellers: the freedom to be oneself and do what pleases; the Mediterranean touch of the many aspects of life on-board; the real-life social network that a cruise is; the discovery aspect of cruising, where every day is a new journey bringing to many places, people and cultures in one voyage; the value of taking the time to enjoy the present, letting the instant command one’s next moves; and finally, the unique and thrilling privilege of viewing the world from the sea.

Firmly grounded in what MSC Cruises does and why, the video series provides a glimpse into the essence of an MSC travel: that special connection to the sea, that magic instant when land emerges from the horizon, the joyful meeting of tastes, the enjoyment of letting time casually drift by, the slow harmony that everyday life may have lost, the idea that if the world is a magical theatre, we should have a front-row seat. The series of short films was shot on board MSC Preziosa. It was directed by Gianluca Bomben and produced by Carlo Concina. The production was realised by Milan-based production company ON AIR and Emilio Giliberti was the Photography Director of the series.

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