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Monday, October 20, 2014

Link PNG - new airline begins 1 November

Air Niugini now has a subsidiary airline company-LINK PNG which will commence operations on 01st November this year to coincide with Air Niugini’s 41 years of operation.

Air Niugini’s Board Chairman, Sir Frederick Reiher made the announcement during a meeting between the airline management and the union in Port Moresby today.

He said the establishment of a subsidiary company is part of Air Niugini’s restructure into the future and will open a new era in domestic air travel for Papua New Guineans.

Sir Fred said “ The new subsidiary will operate on a “low cost carrier” model, providing an affordable and safe service to the people of Papua New Guinea. The carrier will also serve PNG routes on a community service (CSO) obligation, ensuring that not only are remote and less profitable services maintained, but progressively expanded to meet the growing transport needs of the nation and its people.”

He said “Link PNG will be a smarter, less “frills” and low cost carrier that will principally service routes to provincial and district centres which are currently being operated by the Dash 8 Classic fleet”.

“Its establishment will ensure that rather than air services being reduced by the ownership restructure of Air Niugini Limited and the injection of private sector capital – as has occurred in other countries in the region – they will actually be guaranteed and increased.”

The most important aspect of the establishment of Link PNG is that it will guarantee regular, reliable, safe and affordable services to the more remote parts of the nations where patronage is less than the main domestic routes, but just as important for the travelling public.

Link PNG will commence operations as a separate company on 1st November 2014 under its own Board and Management. Mr Daniel Wanma is the Chief Executive Officer. His senior management team has been selected and they have all satisfied the PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PNGCASA) requirements as “fit and proper” persons – a mandatory regulatory requirement. Link PNG will operate from its own premises located alongside the Cargo premises.

All these personnel, including the technical crew and other employees, will be seconded as Air Niugini employees on an agreed arrangement to work under Link PNG until such time all staff and employees are confirmed on Link PNG’s positions.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer Mr Simon Foo said Air Niugini has been operating and running its business the way it has been for the last 40 years with little change when business practices and circumstances, economic climate and technology have changed dramatically in the airline industry within the region and world-wide.

“ This move is gearing Air Niugini to engaging in smarter business practices in the delivery of its services, and in a cost effective manner. It is imperative that Air Niugini embraces new and modern ways and means of delivering its services. ”Mr Foo said

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